Energy storage container

The intelligent modular battery system provides the flexibility to meet sudden high power demands.

Features Advantages
Compact design The electronic components are integrated in one box.
Scalable performance An electrical system configurable based on individual consumption needs.
Modular design By combining multiple blocks you can even create a more complex, high-performance system.
Modular design

Light weight and safe operation.

Application area:

  • Local power station for high energy demand in a short time

The significance of Smart Power Pack is that the energy storage battery cells and the electronics needed for safe use are all integrated in one box. As a result, the application of the experimental "building blocks" gives a complex solution covering a wide range of application needs. These blocks can be assembled into a single-purpose optimized battery or by combining multiple units it can form a more complex system.

The ESP Pack Container is able to cover sudden power demands (eg charging of electric vehicles) according to the changes in user habits, without causing any load to the environmental electrical system.

It is important that the system is capable of the so-called green energy (by solar panels, etc.) for economical storage or the energy storage block is rechargeable with night-time power and / or peak-to-peak power consumption for optimum cost.

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