About us

Enterprise Group

Enterprise Group is one of the leading system integrator of innovative information systems. Our divisions offer complex solutions in business infocommunication, engineering and product lifecycle management, integrated healthcare software development and specific R&D and production.

The story of our company, a hundred percent Hungarian owned enterprise, began in 2010 by purchasing Siemens Enterprise Communications Hungary Kft. with experience of many decades. In the beginning we offered business communication and system integration services inherited from the legal predecessor. Since our strategic reorganization in 2011 we have been operating as ‘Enterprise Group’ with extended portfolio and new divisions.

Within the company, Innovation Center focuses on implementing unique R&D projects. MyArtoo, a reality and scalable clone of the R2 robot known from the StarWars world, has been created to showcase the complex capabilities of the industry, as well as the development of a proprietary handheld cleanliness monitoring and contact infection reduction technology.

Enterprise Smart Power

In January 2017 we started to work on a lithium-based battery technology development project using a tender source that offers competitive alternative energy in electromobility. At the end of 2018 the energy storage container has successfully completed as its marketable utilization.

In 2018 we started to develope an energy system in cooperation with Flaar Performace Sailing Team, which was aimed for electric watercraft solution. The first result of this cooperation is the Flaar 5.7e escort ship powered by the Enterprise Smart Power battery system. The system-related dashboard solution is unique in electric navigation, it provides navigation data and informs the skipper about the boat's power status at the same time.

During the development of ESP concept so many ideas of new products and services came up, a part of them are in completed prototype phase, some of them are still in the concept phase. For further information on the development and the available product portfolio, please visit our website or contact our colleagues in the Contact menu.

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